Saga Festival – Romaero Bucharest

Saga Festival – Romaero Bucharest


Saga Festival – Romaero Bucharest

Finally a festival - and what kind! REAL!!!! REAL!!!!

September 13, 2021

Finally a festival – and what kind! REAL!!!! REAL!!!!

Saga Festival – Romaero Bucharest

Production : ALDA & Insomniac
Technical production : Purple Group – Netherlands

4 Large areas – 2000sqm LED officiating Pixelscreen PLED207AR / 209C1 / 206E5 / 203AR


A mysterious box surfaces in the city, found by those who were destined to seek it. Upon being touched, it unleashes its energy, projecting an incredible world full of tales to be written and told. The beginning of an unforgettable SAGA.

A place for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind.

In September 2021, we will create memories that last for a lifetime. Together, the story of SAGA will be written, as we open a new chapter in the history of Romania. You are invited to join us for an innovative new three-day festival experience with the biggest names in electronic music.

This is your chance to etch your name in folklore forever. We will make history at the first ever debut edition of SAGA Festival. This September, we will write new stories, together, united as one. Are you ready to start the SAGA with us?

Feel the energy – Unleash the excitement

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